Turkey has decided to recall its accredited ambassador to Morocco, Omar Farouk Dogan, after his statements regarding Algerian-Moroccan relations and the issue of the Sahara were distorted by Moroccan media. These media outlets exploited the ambassador’s weakness in foreign languages to involve him in the Algerian-Moroccan crisis and the conflict between the Moroccan regime and the Sahrawi people.

This decision comes amid growing tensions between the two countries and reflects a deterioration in their diplomatic relations. Turkish media revealed that Ankara had taken this measure due to the ambassador’s poor diplomatic performance and mistakes made.

Diplomatic errors reported in a Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs report

According to a report by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, several diplomatic errors were committed by Ambassador Dogan. The latest concerns his statements on the Sahara issue and Algerian-Moroccan relations, which some see as political manipulation and distortion by Moroccan media.

This situation involved the diplomat and Turkey in the Moroccan-Sahrawi conflict, leading to the decision to recall the ambassador. The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned Ambassador Dogan shortly after his appointment as head of Turkish diplomacy in Rabat, highlighting the seriousness of the situation.

Morocco isolated on the Sahara issue and in search of an excuse

The recall of the Turkish ambassador confirms the isolation of the Moroccan regime regarding the Sahara issue. The Moroccan authorities, embarrassed, found no other reason than to claim, several months after the ambassador’s dismissal, that Morocco was dissatisfied with the Turkish ambassador due to his political appointment and his ties to the Islamic-oriented Justice and Development Party government.

Media sources confirmed that Ankara had already rebuked the Turkish ambassador in Rabat and had warned him several times not to get involved in the Sahara problem in the future, without success. This underscores the complexity of the situation and the need for Turkey to maintain its neutrality, in line with the UN’s position on the conflict.

In conclusion, the recall of the Turkish ambassador to Morocco highlights the diplomatic tensions between the two countries and the delicate issue of the Sahara. Diplomatic errors and media manipulation have contributed to aggravating the situation, leading to a growing isolation of Morocco on the international stage.

Turkey, concerned with preserving its neutrality in the region

Turkey, which is one of the countries rejecting the autonomy proposal in the Sahara region, in line with the UN’s vision of the conflict, must preserve its neutrality in this matter. The involvement of the Turkish ambassador in tensions between Algeria and Morocco has jeopardized this neutrality, forcing Ankara to take drastic measures.

It is essential for Turkey to maintain a consistent and balanced position on regional issues in order not to compromise its diplomatic relations with the countries concerned and to promote peace and stability in the region.

In summary, the diplomatic crisis between Turkey and Morocco, marked by the recall of the Turkish ambassador, highlights the tensions and stakes surrounding the Sahara issue. It is imperative that the actors concerned adopt a responsible and consistent approach to resolve these conflicts and ensure peace and stability in the region.