The health of Moroccan King Mohammed VI appears to be increasingly concerning, fueling rumors of a possible abdication. The sovereign has undergone several heart surgeries and suffers from degenerative arthritis, according to information reported by the French website “Afrik.” In light of this situation, Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan is increasingly taking part in official events, raising questions about the future of the Moroccan monarchy.

For several years, Moulay El Hassan has been involved in a number of official events and meetings alongside his father. The Crown Prince notably represented the King at the funeral of former French President Jacques Chirac in September 2019. This increased role in Moroccan politics suggests that the prince may be prepared to assume the responsibilities of the crown.

In this context, many wonder if Lalla Salma, the king’s ex-wife, will return to the palace. The princess has been absent from the public scene since 2017, and her whereabouts and current residence remain unknown.

An Anniversary Without Lalla Salma

On May 8th, Moulay El Hassan celebrated his twentieth birthday in Rabat. As in previous years, the ceremony took place in the absence of his mother, Lalla Salma. This situation has sparked numerous controversies and raised questions about the reasons for the princess’s absence.

The “Afrik” website mentioned Mohammed VI’s fragile health and Lalla Salma’s absence, emphasizing that Moroccans are wondering about the future of the royal family. The question of the separation between the king and Lalla Salma also remains unanswered, as no official statement has been issued on the matter.

Many Moroccans hope for the princess’s return, as she was highly appreciated for her commitment to the fight against cancer through her foundation. However, the circumstances of her disappearance and the rumors surrounding her current place of residence (Greece or New York) fuel speculation.

Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan, Future King of Morocco?

Given King Mohammed VI’s precarious health condition, some believe that Moulay El Hassan may soon ascend to the throne. The Crown Prince has already gained significant experience in governance and leadership, both academically and through his participation in official events.

The “Afrik” website asserts that if Moulay Hassan succeeds his father, Moroccans can be reassured, as the young prince has been trained to manage the country’s politics. The Crown Prince has indeed pursued a solid academic path and has been initiated into political and diplomatic affairs from a young age.

Moulay El Hassan’s preparation to assume the role of king is also evident in his interactions with foreign leaders. In addition to representing his father at Jacques Chirac’s funeral, he has participated in events such as the centenary of the end of World War I and the Paris Peace Forum in 2018 in France.

The Mystery Surrounding Lalla Salma

The extended absence of Lalla Salma from the Moroccan public scene remains a mystery, and her current residence is the subject of numerous rumors. Unconfirmed information suggests that she may be living in Greece or New York, where she would continue her charitable work as the president of the Lalla Salma Foundation to fight against cancer.

The royal palace has provided no official information regarding the status of her marriage or divorce from the king, and she has not received any new title after the separation. This situation has fueled speculation about the reasons for her absence and the possibility of a return to public life.

Occasional photos and video clips of Lalla Salma with her children abroad have emerged, but these images have not been sufficient to dispel rumors and questions about her whereabouts.

A Possible Return of Lalla Salma?

If Moulay El Hassan were to ascend to the throne, some Moroccan political observers believe that Lalla Salma could return to Morocco and even to the royal palace. However, this hypothesis remains purely speculative and will depend on the circumstances surrounding Mohammed VI’s potential abdication and Moulay El Hassan’s accession to the throne.

The future of the Moroccan royal family is uncertain, especially due to King Mohammed VI’s fragile health and the rumors of abdication. The question of Lalla Salma’s return to the royal palace is also subject to speculation. Only time will tell if the princess will make a comeback when her son assumes the throne, but for now, the mystery remains.

Moroccan Public Opinion Facing Uncertainties

The absence of Lalla Salma and the declining health of Mohammed VI elicit various reactions among the Moroccan population. Citizens express their concerns about the future of the royal family and the potential ascension of Moulay El Hassan to the throne. Others question the fate of Lalla Salma and hope for her return to the public sphere to support her son when he assumes the crown.

Social media plays a crucial role in sharing information and rumors about the royal family. Moroccan internet users discuss different theories about Lalla Salma’s situation and the future of the monarchy, further fueling speculation.

The Role of the Moroccan Monarchy in a Changing Regional Context

The uncertain situation of the Moroccan royal family comes at a time of regional and global changes. Morocco, like other countries in North Africa and the Middle East, faces political, economic, and social challenges. The stability of the monarchy and the future king’s ability to address these challenges are crucial for the country’s future.

Morocco has recently strengthened its relations with several countries, including the United States and Israel, highlighting the importance of the monarchy’s role in diplomacy and international affairs. The eventual transition of power from Mohammed VI to Moulay El Hassan could impact Morocco’s foreign policy and alliances.

An Uncertain Future for the Moroccan Royal Family

Mohammed VI’s fragile health, rumors of abdication, and the mystery surrounding Lalla Salma place the Moroccan royal family in a situation of uncertainty. The potential ascension of Moulay El Hassan to the throne raises questions about his ability to lead the country and manage the challenges facing Morocco.

The possible return of Lalla Salma to the royal palace will depend on the circumstances surrounding the change of reign. For now, the Moroccan population closely follows developments concerning the royal family, hoping that the future king will preserve the country’s stability and lead Morocco towards a prosperous future.