The enigmatic disappearance of Princess Lalla Salma, the wife of Morocco’s King Mohammed VI, has left the world puzzled. Since her first absence in 2017, followed by a public appearance in 2019 to prove that she was still alive, the princess has disappeared again without a trace. This mysterious situation has earned her the nickname “ghost princess.” Even foreign diplomats were left in the dark during Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s visit to Morocco last year, as King Mohammed VI greeted them alone without his wife.

Speculations about Lalla Salma’s disappearance

Speculations abound regarding the fate of Princess Salma. Is she imprisoned somewhere, in exile in the United States, or has she simply divorced the king? Spanish journalist Andrea Mori has suggested that Lalla Salma may have been removed from the public eye in exchange for a sum of money, but nothing is certain. Her colleague Nettie Leystra has also given her opinion, suggesting that the princess would be entitled to a beautiful home and everything she needs to remain silent about the situation.

In 2018, “Hola” magazine reported that Lalla Salma had divorced her husband, but the royal palace never confirmed or denied this information. The most probable theory is that the king and she secretly divorced in 2018, but it remains strictly silent as the king’s privacy is a red line for the press there. This idea is also plausible because in the meantime, some people have publicly insulted and humiliated the princess, which they certainly would not have done if she were still the king’s wife.

Lalla Salma, a rebel princess who shook up the royal family

Lalla Salma met King Mohammed VI in 1999 while studying computer engineering. Their marriage in 2002 marked a radical turning point for the Moroccan royal family. Before that, women at court were forbidden from appearing in public, and their names or photos were not published. Princess Lalla Salma broke with this tradition by adopting a modern approach to life. She worked to prevent AIDS in Africa, founded a cancer company, and became a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations.

The Moroccan royal family was taken aback by Lalla Salma’s actions, particularly her choice to wear pants in public and refuse to wear a headscarf. This bold attitude challenged the rules and traditional expectations within the royal family. This willingness to break conventions has earned the admiration of many observers but has also caused irritation and disapproval among some members of the royal family.

Lalla Salma and King Mohammed VI lived in unimaginable luxury, even for Western rulers. Their ostentatious lifestyle is less known in this part of the world than that of the British royal family, but it is still staggering. For example, it has been reported that nearly two million dollars were spent on pet food for their many animals.

The mystery of Princess Lalla Salma persists

Despite various theories and rumors, the fate of Princess Lalla Salma remains uncertain. The Moroccan royal family remains silent on this issue, leaving room for speculation and concern for the rebel princess. Moroccan media, for whom the royal family is a taboo subject, do not dare to ask questions about Lalla Salma’s disappearance and the reasons for her prolonged absence.

In conclusion, the disappearance of Princess Lalla Salma from Morocco remains an intriguing and worrying mystery. Until the truth is revealed, the world will continue to wonder what happened to this bold and modern princess who defied the conventions and expectations of the Moroccan royal family.