The rise of the crown prince: The Moroccan political scene is currently marked by an emerging figure, that of Crown Prince Moulay Hassan. His presence during the celebrations of the 67th anniversary of the foundation of the royal army was particularly noticed. The event would normally have been presided over by King Mohammed VI of Morocco, but it was the young prince who was seen at the head of the table.

This change has not failed to raise questions. Indeed, it is unusual for the crown prince to preside over an event of such importance in the absence of the king. This gesture has been interpreted by some as a sign that the crown prince is ready to assume the role of the king.

The increasing involvement of the prince in state affairs

Moulay Hassan is not a newcomer to the world of Moroccan politics. In fact, he has been increasingly involved in state affairs in recent years, actively participating in official events and diplomatic meetings. His role has intensified, with an increasingly frequent presence at official occasions.

His increasing involvement in public affairs has been perceived by some as a sign of his preparation to assume royal responsibilities. The presence of the crown prince at major official events, in the absence of King Mohammed VI, has fueled these speculations.

Speculations about the health of King Mohammed VI

For several years, the health of King Mohammed VI has been the subject of speculation. The sovereign has reduced his public appearances, which has fueled rumors of a possible deterioration in his health. A report by Afrik last March highlighted the mystery surrounding the king’s health.

After the announcement of his illness in February, 59-year-old King Mohammed VI was recommended by his personal physician to take rest. However, the absence of news from the Moroccan sovereign has heightened concerns about his health.

The topic of King Mohammed VI’s health has become a major concern in Morocco and abroad. The recent public absences of the king, coupled with persistent rumors of his declining health, have fueled speculations about a possible abdication in favor of his son.

The crown prince: Meticulous preparation for the throne

Moulay Hassan, the eldest son of King Mohammed VI, has been the crown prince of Morocco since 2003. As the apparent heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Morocco, he has been prepared for this responsibility from a young age. He bears the name Hassan in honor of his grandfather, King Hassan II, and is known as “Hassan III.” He is the world’s youngest crown prince.

Crown Prince Moulay Hassan has benefited from a diverse education, in accordance with the standards of throne heirs. He is multilingual, fluent in three languages: French, English, and Spanish. This trilingualism gives him a definite advantage in modern diplomacy, allowing him to communicate effectively with a variety of world leaders.

The growing role of the crown prince in Moroccan politics

Lately, Crown Prince Moulay Hassan has taken an active part in the political and social activities of the kingdom, standing in for his father on certain official occasions. This increased involvement in state affairs has led to speculations about an imminent transition of power in Morocco.

The crown prince’s increased presence at important public events, combined with the notable absence of King Mohammed VI, has led some to believe that the prince may soon become king. This would be in accordance with Article 43 of the Moroccan Constitution, which states that the crown prince becomes sovereign in the event of the king’s death.

In conclusion, while speculations about the abdication of King Mohammed VI continue to make headlines, one thing is clear: Crown Prince Moulay Hassan is actively preparing for a possible ascension to the throne. His increased participation in state events and his growing role in Moroccan politics indicate that he is ready to assume royal responsibilities, whether in the short or long term. As the speculations about King Mohammed VI’s potential abdication continue to attract attention, it remains to be seen how the future will unfold. The active preparation of Crown Prince Moulay Hassan suggests that he is well-positioned to take on the responsibilities of the throne, should the need arise. His presence and involvement in significant state occasions demonstrate his readiness to step into a leadership role, ensuring continuity and stability in the Moroccan monarchy.